Meeting Minutes

Northeast Neighborhood Alliance 
Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2017

President Clamp opened the meeting with introductions of the board, followed by the candidates.
Candidates Present:
Mayor Ivy Taylor
Councilman Ron Nirenberg
Manuel Medina
Gerard Ponce
Keven Roles
Will McLeod
Stephen Lucke

The candidates were given a one minute opening statement then asked the following questions.

1.      What major issue will be your top priority for your first 60 days?
2.      Seniors make up a significant portion of our voters, what is one message you have for them tonight?
3.      How will you create the funding necessary for improved transportation? (Considering projects take decades...281/ Wurzbach Pkwy)
4.      Would you support reallocating PREKSA Funds to Transportation?
5.      What will you do to reduce the property tax burden due to the rise in property appraisals?
6.      Do you support the new Alamo Plaza Plan?  How do you propose we pay for it?
7.      Do you support the 850M city bond?  Yes/No...Why?
8.      How will you specifically help SAPD in reducing crime?Next, President Clamp asked a series of questions answered by raising of hands:
a.       With a show of hands, will you keep our current city manager?
b.       Do you support a 15.00 minimum wage?
c.       Do you support Major League Soccer in San Antonio?
a.       Do you support the potential use of toll roads?
b.       Do you support the consolidation of S.A., Area School districts?
c.       SAFFE Officer Program (increase/maintain/cut)
d.       Do you support SB 2 Relating to Property Tax Reform?
President Clamp concluded the event with the hard-hitting question of "What is your favorite Fiesta event?" The overall winner was clearly the King William Fair.
A special thanks to Robert Cockfield, the pastor of the Get Up Community Church for providing sound equipment and help throughout the event.
Respectfully submitted,
Casey Whittington, Secretary

January 23, 2017 

Northeast Neighborhood Alliance (NNA)
Meeting Minutes

Clayton Perry opened the meeting stating that NNA President John Clamp would not be able to attend and that this would be his last meeting as Secretary as he is stepping down to pursue the District 10 City Council seat. 
The first item of the agenda was the election of the Secretary and Vice President. Casey Whittington was unopposed for Secretary, while Colleen Marszalek and Colletta Galloway both announced they would be seeking the Vice President position. After tallying the votes, Colletta was named Vice President. 

Michael Shannon, Assistant Development Services Director, was introduced to discuss code compliance issues, stating that his department would be presenting to city council soon about increasing fines and strengthening enforcement for code violations and increasing the amount of required space separating commercial signs adjacent to residential properties. 
Michael also briefly updated the Alliance on the Building Standards Board and its duties, of which Clayton Perry was the former chair. The board deals with vacant properties and assigns special officers for especially difficult properties. The board also can order structures demolished, issuing 100 orders for demolition in the past year. 

The Neighborhood Task Force was highlighted as well, acting as a place for neighborhood leaders to meet with Development Services personnel on a quarterly basis. Questions about budget and "sign flippers" were addressed as well, with "sign flippers" being more of a public safety issue than code compliance. 
Code Compliance can be reached by dialing 311.

Razi Hosseini of  Transportation and Capital Improvements (TCI)briefed the Alliance on the upcoming 2017 bond and the projects directly impacting District 10. He discussed the committee process for the bond, thanking the members of the audience who participated on behalf of D10. The committee process encompassed 25 meetings held at the San Antonio Library, and five field trips to visit possible sites in the bond. Over 1400 citizens attended the meetings and 350 citizens spoke at the meetings. 
The bond process began in early 2015, with many of the projects included in the 2017 bond coming from the 2012 bond list of unfunded projects. 

The 2017 bond includes 181 projects, with six propositions going to the public for a vote on May 6, 2017. 
District 2 Councilman, Alan Warrick, stepped in to help explain the Neighborhood Improvements portion of the bond, with many of the selected areas residing in his district. 

Councilman Mike Gallagher opened by stating that while some of the projects in the bond may seem superfluous, passage of the bond is important to secure funding for projects desperately needed in District 10. 

Next, CM Gallagher touched on the recent  Rolling Oaks Mall shooting, stating that the press has been portraying the incident as a mass shooting when, in reality, it was a jewelry store robbery gone wrong. 

The good Samaritan who was killed in the incident, Jonathan Murphy, has a GoFundMe page set up in his name to help support the grieving family, with over $35,000 in donations in one day. Please donate if you can and help spread the message. 

CM Gallagher closed by stating that the need for strong neighborhood associations is more apparent than ever, with recent zoning cases being decided without neighborhood involvement. To register your neighborhood association, click here
The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm. 

Upcoming Events: 
February 18 - Sustainability Expo 
February 18 - Basura Bash
February 20 - District 10 meeting - Tool Yard 
March 20 - District 10 candidate forum at the Tool Yard
April 10 or 17 - Mayoral Forum at the Tool Yard

Respectfully Submitted,

Casey Whittington, Secretary


The meeting was held at the Toolyard at 7:00pm. The minutes were approved from the last meeting.

John Clamp opened the meeting saying how important it is for neighborhoods to join the NNA. He stated that the last meeting at the Northeast Senior Center along with pot luck meal was a huge success with the largest crowd ever, and hopes that we will be able to do it again this next year. He also recognized many of the non-profit and volunteer organizations such as Meals on Wheels and Northern Hills Ministry Center for the vital services provided across San Antonio and encouraged everyone to give any assistance they can.  A moment of silence was observed for Police Officer Marconi who was killed in the line of duty.   
Commissioner Wolff was introduced and discussed transportation projects in our area.  The 281/1604 interchange and corridor will begin construction at the end of the first quarter of 2017, which will include a total of 6 lanes from Stone Oak to the County line. The entire project will cost approximately $500M. The IH10 project from 1604 to Leon Springs is about $80M. The availability of land between existing lanes for expansion keeps the project costs down.
Commissioner Wolff mentioned the Wurzbach Parkway project and how it has releived congestion. Due to the funding shortfall of nearly $80 million from TxDOT, Wurzbach Parkway does not have an appropriate interchange onto 281.  
Each year there are over $20 billion in road requirements around the state, but only $7B is available per year to use for these requirements. In Bexar County, the MPO is responsible for identifying and prioritizing road requirements in the County to be funded with approximately $500M per year. It is predicted that the first tollway to be built would be IH35 or 1604.
Commissioner Wolff also provided an update on the Regional Airport opportunity with Austin. Originally San Antonio was against it; however, due to both Bergstrom and San Antonio being land locked, the concept is resurfacing. If there was a regional airport, the ridership requirements would be higher and may require the airlines to provide more direct flights. There is an option to use an existing space such as the Kelly/Lackland runway, or to build new. City and County officials are starting work with Austin officials to look at the possibilities. 
Jim Snyder from Meals on Wheels (MOW) presented an overview of the program.  The organization partners with State and Federal agencies and receives much of their support from volunteers and donations.  They serve almost 1 Million meals per year to the elderly and shut-in population around San Antonio with a budget of $5M.  They make all the meals in-house and use both paid and volunteer staff to distribute the meals.  The visits allow for nutritional risk assessments, provides less anxiety for the people receiving the meals, and promotes a perceived better health by them.  Eligibility for MOW is not contingent on income of a person; anyone can qualify based on nutritional requirements and accessibility.  MOW is always looking for volunteers, donations and referrals.  
The organization now provides Animeals (food for animals), nutritional consultants, fans, heaters, blankets and referrals to senior services.  They also provide three day centers called Grace Centers from 7am - 6pm for Alzheimer patients.
More information can be found at:
Rev. Abdon Garza presented information about the Northern Hills Ministry Center that is under construction.  The center is located at 4306 Naco Pass and is a warehouse that is being converted to a worship center along with continuing education, life skills, health and wellness and tutoring center.  It will be made available to the community, NEISD schools and libraries as a place to meet for activities.  
The project is being funded by the congregation of Northern Hills United Methodist Church and will host weekly prayer services and hospitality events.  They also have partnerships with the Methodist Health Care Center, Texas Diaper Bank and Foodbank.  The facility will be opened on Easter Sunday 2017.  
More information can be found at:
Councilman Gallagher thanked all the D10 committee members of the 2017 Bond. McAllister Park and Capital Park Little League will be now be getting money in the bond for improvements and relocation. There will be more discussions at the council level once the committees have completed their work and recommendations.
A suspect has been found in the murder of Police Officer Marconi.
There is a new on-line capability for the neighborhoods to review permit applications to be able to see what may be coming into the D10 areas.  The permits can be found under District 10 at: 
The Northeast Senior Center had its one year anniversary and has been very successful in serving thousands of people daily meals and activities.
He is looking to strengthen Code Enforcement especially against repeat offenders.
Bud Little was recognized for being inducted to the San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame.
Gabriella Gonzales was introduced as the new member on staff for constituent services.
Everyone was invited to attend the Holiday Party on Monday, December 12th at 6:30pm.  The event will be held at Morgan's Wonderland and he requested attendees bring an unwrapped toy to be given to children at CRIT, and a pot luck dessert.
John Clamp closed the meeting wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday.  Also, elections will be held at the next meeting in January for Vice President and Secretary.  If anyone is interested in one of those positions, please contact Clayton Perry to get on the ballot.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Respectfully Submitted,  
Clayton H. Perry, Secretary


The meeting was held at the Northeast Tool Yard and opened at 7:00 pm by President John Clamp.
The Minutes from the May 15th 2016 meeting were approved.

An Underage Drug and Alcohol Abuse presentation was made by Tracy Talavera of The Circles of San Antonio Community Coalition. The mission of the Circles of San Antonio Community Coalition is to create change through collaboration with community stakeholders to educate and motivate individuals, families, organizations and institutions with the goal of preventing and reducing alcohol and substance abuse. San Antonio ranks as having one of the highest rates of binge drinking, alcohol-related motor vehicle fatalities and other consequences of substance abuse. These issues affect all parts of the community from families, to business owners, school performance, lost wages and the economy. This community-wide challenge requires a community-wide buy in.

Many young people are using social media to set up parties at locations where adults may not be present. Adults are part of the problem because they are providing the alcohol to the minors. Many cities have a Social Ordinance to help combat this problem, and there is a proposal at the city council to establish a Social Ordinance for San Antonio as well. Not all Social Ordinances are the same but most have Civil Penalties and a Cost Recovery System for policing these types of events. 
The Circles of San Antonio Community Coalition is a volunteer organization except for the leadership positions which are State funded. They are looking for help from all the Districts in the form of 'Lifeguards' who are on the lookout for this type of abuse; people to speak out if something like this is going on in their neighborhood; and for people to join The Circles of San Antonio Community Coalition. 

For more information about this program please visit: or call them at (210) 225-4741.

The Tuttle Power Plant Demolition Project was presented by John Leal of CPS. The power plant located at 9911 Perrin Beitelwas operated from 1960 to 2008 and has been in the process of being slowly taken apart. The next part to be demolished is the larger pieces of equipment. The plan is to safely and in an environmentally friendly manner remove the facilities no longer required. The final phase of demolition is expected to last approximately six months beginning in July 2016. 

Dust suppression controls will be used and an air monitoring program will be in place, and clean-up crews will be on standby to clean roadways if needed. On site equipment will have silencers/mufflers for noise control and there will not be any explosives used. Contractor vehicles will enter and exit the site at Perrin Beitel Road opposite the main Post Office, and haul trucks will only be scheduled during off-peak traffic periods including school beginning/ending times and be controlled by flagmen. 
For more information go to:  or watch a very good movie about the plant at: or call 210-353-3366.

Google's Fiber Optic Cable Installation was briefed by Clarissa Ramon. Google is in the process of installing a city-wide network of new fiber optic cables as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and will be an additional company to provide these services. The new cable will be capable of delivering up to 1000mbps of data vs the current 25mbps offered by current ISP providers, and can provide TV, Phone, and Internet. 

Cables will be installed in a 'wheel and spoke' type system with a larger trunk line and then individual service lines installed to each house. There will be construction involved in running the lines to homes in the neighborhoods, and is estimated to take four years to complete. Work has started in the city, and prior to work in your area, door hangars will be left behind three days prior to any activity. Yard work/landscaping will be restored to as close as possible by the work crews after the cable has been installed in your yard. 

Google's website has a good overview showing the exploration, design, construction, sign-up and installation of the fiber optic system:       
The City Council Update was provided by Councilman Gallagher. 
Councilman Gallagher recommended Google get together with neighborhoods early in the process of the Fiber Optic Cable installation to make sure they understand what is going to happen and when.

He reminded people to make sure what goes into their trash/recycle bins because they are checking them and if there are items being thrown away in the wrong can, you could be fined.

The 2017 Bond meetings will be starting soon, and he recommended that neighborhoods attend those meetings and make sure their voices are heard in the process. 

Sidewalks are currently the homeowner's responsibility; however, the City has initiated a cost share program to help pay for those installations or repairs. Residents are to call 311 to request to be a part of this program. The Transportation and Capital Improvements department will provide you with a quote indicating your portion of the cost, and you can determine if you wish to move forward.

The Northeast Corridor Quarterly Business Development Meeting is on July 29th at 7:45am in the Medical Center in the Morgan's Wonderland complex. If you are thinking about starting a business and want to learn more about securing capital, this is the meeting to attend. There will be presentations by traditional and non-traditional lenders who will be available for questions afterwards. Breakfast will be provided.

San Antonio's Neighborhood Day 2016 was a huge success and D10 was well represented. This meeting gave valuable information on why to belong to a neighborhood association and how to register with the city-NNA needs 'new blood' in the organization. 

The next District 10 meeting will be August 15, 2016.
The location of the next meeting may be at the Senior Center if it can be set up, and the main topic will be to recognize an individual in D10 that was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. We will also be conducting a membership drive between now and the next meeting where each current member of the NNA will be encouraged to reach out to a neighborhood that is not a member and invite them to the meeting. Information will be sent out as the plans are finalized. 

Special recognition was given to Jo and Ed Alexander for setting up the meeting room and snacks for the evening. Thank you Jo and Ed!!

We are looking for volunteers to run the Beautification Award for the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance. 
President Clamp adjourned the meeting giving the next NNA meeting dates for 2016: September 19th; and November 21st.
Respectfully Submitted,
Clayton H. Perry, Secretary

​Minutes from January 25, 2016

The meeting was held at the Northeast Tool Yard and was opened at 7:00 pm by President John Clamp.

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus was welcomed and introduced by President Clamp. He spoke about some of the achievements of the last legislative session, including the approval of the Highway 281 expansion and how it won't be a tollway, a balanced budget and reduced taxes. He went on to say that the Legislature is not meeting in 2016, but that doesn't mean that they are not working. Speaker Straus has sent out over 200 issues to the Legislature to work on for the next session in 2017. He also talked about the issue of billing that SAWS had, and it may be a larger issue throughout Texas and may include other utilities as well. The Speaker thanked everyone for being civic minded and urged members to advise his office of any issues that they thought needed to be included in the upcoming session in 2017. In closing, he told the audience that the Speaker's office is always there to assist them whenever they have a need.

The Beautification Award was presented to Broadway Bank at 13429 Nacogdoches. Wendy Albers accepted the award.
Dan Crowley of SAWS was introduced to talk about the problem of billing the true usage of water in District 10. He stated that SAWS has the responsibility to read over 500,000 meters and admitted that not  all were being read. Changes in personnel and procedures have been made within the department, and all meters should now be read monthly. In addition, contractors have been hired to help read meters, and spot checks are being made to ensure accuracy. There are future plans to allow for home owners to read their own meters and pay on-line, and SAWS has a desire to install electronic meters but right now that option is too expensive. He offered to stay after the meeting to talk to anyone that has had or is still having a billing issue.          

Mike Taylor spoke to the members about the status of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) along Perrin Beitel and parts of Nacogdoches in the NEC area. The program is now closing out the third year of opportunities for businesses to apply for grants and bring in new businesses along the NEC. He also talked about the Northeast Corridor Business Alliance that's been formed and has become very active in working together to promote the growth and upgrades to the NEC. The current focus of the group is fighting crime, advocacy and networking of the businesses. A good indication that the advocacy is working was the group effort to clean up the "triangle" where business owners and residents gathered to clean and spruce up the area. This activity is scheduled again for February 11, 2016. The Perrin Oaks Shopping Center was given as an example of the program's success where the center has been rehabilitated and new businesses opening. Mr. Taylor said there will be another $27K matching funds made available this year and that a meeting will be held for businesses to explain the program and how to apply for the funds. He stressed the importance of people patronizing/investing in the new businesses to help them get established and grow, and continue to do the same for existing businesses. Mr. Taylor mentioned a few new businesses but a question was asked about what new businesses have opened. Here's a list provided by Councilman Gallagher's office of the new ones in the NEC: Bush's Chicken, Great Clips, Habanero Grill, Pizza Patron, La Tapatia, Signs of San Antonio (new building expansion), Spider Man Pest Control, First Choice Emergency Room, Unleashed by Petco, Ross Dress for Less, Pollo Tropical, Family Dollar, FastSigns, Tip Top, Wingstop, Whataburger and Wal-Mart.

The City Council update was provided by District 10 Councilman Mike Gallagher. He continues to be very interested and supportive of the NEC upgrades and urged everyone to patronize these establishments. Also, if there were any unsightly areas around these businesses, patrons should personally approach the owners or managers to see about getting it corrected. This will help both the business and surrounding areas to remain attractive and inviting to other customers. Councilman Gallagher is very excited to support and advertise the fact that the corridor is part of the original Camino Real. This will be recognized by demarcation signs along the corridor, and a dedication ceremony will be held on Friday, March 4, 2016, where everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. He asked everyone to volunteer and attend the next Basura Bash along Salado Creek on February 20, 2016. This activity has been very successful in the past and everyone has had a great time at the event. He thanked everyone for helping to make the new Senior Center on Thousand Oaks such a huge success. The Councilman stressed the importance of neighborhoods to formally apply and get recognized by the city. The more neighborhoods and people that get involved, the more attention and support the city will give them. Councilman Gallagher is very supportive of fitness of our citizens. Much is made about how unfit San Antonio residents are, and he wants to help support fitness programs for our residents. He will be organizing another fitness walk in the near future similar to the one held at Comanche Lookout. Anyone that has ideas for improvements for District 10 to be funded by the 2017 Bond should get in touch with his office to give inputs. The next Bexar County Democratic/Republican Party Primary Election is March 1, 2016, and everyone should either vote early or make sure they vote on that date. There was a question about a housing development along Thousand Oaks and Councilman Gallagher suggested that the neighborhoods should organize and approach the planners/developers. Another question was asked about the intersection of Austin Highway and Harry Wurzbach. The city is planning a Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) that will ease the congestion and eliminate the need to go through a business parking lot to go from one road to the other. A SPUI (pronounced "Spooey"), is a type of interchange where a single traffic signal at the center of the interchange controls all left turns. Drivers make opposing left-turns at the same time under the protection of this signal. 

The next District 10 meeting is set for February 15, 2016.  Councilman Gallagher closed by thanking everyone for their support to District 10.

Vice President Carlton Soules announced the upcoming Primary Elections on March 1, and introduced Marian Stanko who is running for Chair of the Republican Party of Bexar County. She gave her background information and thanked everyone in advance for their support. There was also information available for Republican Mike Koerner running for County Commissioner, PCT. 3.

Clayton Perry, an Associate Board member of NNA, spoke about his efforts to update the NNA list of neighborhoods and their representatives. He had a copy of all the changes and asked folks to check and see if all the information was correct. Of note, there were several new neighborhoods and organizations that have been added to the NNA. Mr. Perry will be passing the completed list to Rebecca Podowski and Emilie Christian of Councilman Gallagher's office to make final updates and to make sure that all neighborhoods are registered. Members at the meeting liked the idea of phone calls to remind everyone of the upcoming events.

Elections were held and the following people were elected: John Clamp-President, Ron Van Kirk-Treasurer, and Lauren Sides-Membership Secretary.

President Clamp adjourned the meeting giving the next meeting dates for 2016: March 21st; May 16th; July 18th; September 19th; and November 21st.

Respectfully Submitted,
Clayton H. Perry, Secretary

Minutes from November 16, 2015

This meeting was held at the Northeast Senior Center to celebrate the recent grand opening and all the work done by Alliance members over the years to obtain this building. The first order of business was the presentation of the Beautification Award. This month's award went to the Wendy's at 11919 Perrin Beitel. Faz Rivera, the manager, accepted the award.

President John Clamp welcomed Speaker Joe Straus to our meeting and the new Senior Center. He spoke briefly about some of the achievements of the last  legislative session, including the constitutional amendments that were passed earlier this month by the electorate. Speaker Straus said that the work of the Legislature continues even though they won't be in session for another 14 months. They are busy getting together and investigating issues which need to be addressed by the next session. He urged members to advise his office of any issues that they thought needed to be included in this process. In closing, he told the audience that the Speaker's office is always there to assist them whenever they have a need.

Next on the agenda was a presentation by Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert. He said that the population of Bexar is expected to grow by 1.5 million people in the next 20 years. He said the top two issues facing the county are education and housing. Rather than seeing a continuation of sprawl away from  the city, he believes that existing housing stock (at least 20 years old) needs to be renovated. He also noted that the vast majority of recent new housing construction has been beyond what is considered affordable for much of the county's residents. To this end he would like to see the city and county partner together for 2017 in a $200 million dollar bond to address housing issues. He asked interested residents to volunteer for an exploratory committee to address this issue. Anyone interested in volunteering can call (210-335-2614) or e-mail ( his office.

The City Council update was provided by District 10 Councilman Mike Gallagher. He stated the city and county purchase of Toyota Field for $20 million dollars will make it easier to attract Major League Soccer. The city and county are each contributing $9 million dollars with the Spurs organization providing the remaining money. The city money is coming from the hotel tax collected from tourists. Councilman Gallagher noted that while the City Council will soon be asked to vote on SAWS issues, SAWS still has many outstanding issues from the recent bill fiasco. He noted that an ordinance was recently passed requiring sprinkler systems in high rises. As it stands now, these buildings have 12 years before they are in violation of the ordinance, but he is working with Fire Chief Hood to see if the time table can be shortened.

Councilman Gallagher said that the time is approaching for the District 10 to start thinking about what items to consider for the 2017 bond issue. There will be a "311" Ambassador training program on December 5th at Brooks City Base. Interested residents should call the district office for more information. In closing Councilman Gallagher invited all residents to the District 10 Christmas Party to be held on December 7th at the Northern Hills Golf Course. Residents were asked to bring their unwrapped gifts for the toy drive to the district office or bring them that evening.

Clayton Perry, an Associate Board member of NNA, spoke briefly about his efforts to update the NNA lists of neighborhoods and their representatives. He asked all members with updates to call (913-0593) or e-mail ( him.

John Clamp announced that the January election for NNA will include the offices of President, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. He asked residents to consider running for these offices. The meeting dates for 2016 are: January 25th; March 21st; May 16th; July 18th; September 19th; and November 21st. John asked members to come to the January meeting with issues and concerns that the NNA should address in 2016.

Several candidates in the 2016 elections were allowed to introduce themselves. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

Minutes from July 20, 2015
The meeting was opened by President John Clamp at 7 PM. The first item on the agenda was the presentation of the Beautification Award. Gus Wieters presented the award to the Valero Corner Store at 3890 N. Loop 1604 E. (Bulverde Road). Assistant Manager Abigail Bromley was present to receive it. Following this presentation, Ron Van Kirk gave a brief  report on the Alliance treasury. He said that recently Alliance funds have dropped below $500.00 dollars. As a result the Alliance is being charged a monthly fee for our checking account. He stated that if each member association contributed $20.00, the NNA would probably be in good shape for three years. Ron said that the only costs that the Alliance incurs currently are checking account fees, the cost of the web page and treats at the meetings. During the meeting, there were several contributions made to the NNA.

The main topic of this meeting was a presentation on the new "Pay-As-You-Throw" program from Solid Waste which is starting in October. Tiffany Edmonds was present to answer questions after a brief video was shown. After October 1st all homes will receive a 96 gallon  green can for organic/wet material. The contents of this can will be collected every week on the same day as the blue recycle can. This material will be taken to a collection site where after six months it will become compost. The current recycle rate for the city is 31%, but the goal is to reach 60% by 2025.There will be no charge for keeping the can or declining the can. If you don't wish the green can, the door flyer that is delivered to your home will have a tag to place on the can. This will result in the can be collected. There will be no change regarding the blue recycle can.
You will also be offered a choice in the size of your trash can. You can elect to keep your current 96 gallon or opt for a smaller can of 48 or 64 gallons. You can do this by placing a tag on your current can. The old can will be collected and the new can delivered to you. If you choose a smaller can and later decide that it is too small, you can request a larger can. The first upgrade in size is free, but subsequent upgrades will be $25.00. There will be no charge if you keep a larger can and later decide that you want a smaller can. If for some reason, you determine that you need a second collection within the week, you can request this for a $10.00 fee. The current charge of $20.93 will apply to the 64 gallon can. If you elect the 48 gallon can, the charge will be reduced by 50 cents to $20.43. Keeping the 96 gallon can will result in an increase of $1.25 which is a monthly charge of $22.18.

The next item on the agenda was a presentation regarding the 2015 bond issue for NEISD. Superintendent Dr. Kottardy stated that this is called "Transforming the Future". A steering  committee of parents looked at the district and all the schools with the aim of creating equity for schools in older parts of the district and adding/improving technology needs of the schools. The bond package provides for renovation or improvements to all 68 schools in the district. This is the first bond issue since 1995 that does not include building a new school. Due to lower interest rates the district has been able to refinance old debt resulting in a savings of 137 million dollars. In addition, the tax rate has been lowered due to higher appraisals. If this bond is passed, there is no tax increase estimated to occur for at least five years. While the bond issue for $499,950,000.00 is divided into five sections, there will only be one vote. Either you approve the whole amount or you vote against it. Early voting runs from October 19th through October 30th with the Election Day on November 3rd.
Mario Hune, Chief of Staff for Councilman Gallagher, was present to providean update. The budget approved by the City Council calls for a ¾ cent decrease in the property tax rate.  Streets and drainage have received more money in the current budget. The Councilman has been able to obtain money to improve Nacogdoches Road. The opening of the new Northeast Senior Center has been set for October 30th. Mario also stated that Allison Cohen will be leaving the council staff at the end of September. He introduced Rebecca Podowski who will be joining the staff as head of communications. There were no representatives present from Districts 2 and 9.
John proceeded to take care of some NNA business prior to adjourning. He reminded members that we will have an election in January for positions of president, treasurer and membership secretary. The November 16th meeting will be held at a different location. The NNA has been able to obtain the new Senior Center for this meeting. Recently the NNA asked members if they would be interested in becoming Associate Board members. Four
members have accepted this position. They are: Lauren Sides, Lee Mays, Clayton Perry and Reinette King. Two candidates for the San Antonio River Authority position in District 3 in the 2016 election were present and were given the opportunity to introduce themselves. These were Mike Lackey and Donald Oroian.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

Minutes from July 20, 2015
The meeting was opened with the presentation of the Beautification Award. This month's award went to the Goodwill store located at 3730 N 1604 E (near Bulverde Road). Accepting the award were: Jim Meehan, Chief Operating Officer, Janet Ward, Marketing Director and Rusty Alston, manager of this location. Jim Meehan in accepting this award also explained that this location is a Veteran's Assistance Center where they help veteran's get back on their feet. Gus Wieters, the Chairman of this committee, asked members to continue to be on the lookout for businesses that could be recognized by this award.
The primary item for discussion this evening was a presentation by SAWS of the proposed change in the rate structure for water usage. Members had been asked to bring their SAWS bills with them to help them see how  the changes would impact them. Steve Clouse, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President, explained the new rate structure. He stated that by city ordinance they are required to look at the rate structure every five years. The proposal would eliminate seasonal water rates and expand the rate categories from four to eight blocks. Currently, 59% of SAWS bills fall in the first rate block which goes up to almost 6,000 gallons. It would now be divided into three blocks. At present the rate per gallon in the first block is .2291 cents. The three new blocks would start lower and progress upward, but the weighted cost for the same number of gallons would be .2069 cents per gallon. Mr. Clouse explained that the structure changes are separate from a rate increase that SAWS will be seeking later this year.
The next item on the agenda was a City Council update. This was provided by Councilman Gallagher from District 10. He stated that the Police/Fire contract is hanging over the budget process. The proposed budget that will go to the City Council in September will be presented at a meeting to be held at the Northeast Service Center (The Toolyard) on  Monday, August 17th at 7 PM. City Manager Sheryl Scully will be present at this meeting. He urged members to come to the meeting and tell the City Manager what is important to them. He stated that seven matching grants have been given to businesses along the Northeast Corridor to help them improve their business location. The Northern Hills Golf course is soon to be a city golf course which will preserve this area as a golf course for the future. The councilman told members that if they have a missing COP sign or one that is faded to call Allison at the district field office with the location. These signs will be replaced. Since Councilman Gallagher isn't taking a salary for his position that money will remain in District 10 accounts.
He reminded members to see if their neighborhood is registered with the city. If not, he urged them to register it. Registrations must be renewed annually. To determine if your neighborhood is registered or to find the form, you can go to the City of San Antonio official web page. Once you're there, select government and then all departments. Next select Planning and Community Development then select view the web page. Under this you'll find Strategic Planning and Urban Design and go to Neighborhood Associations. Here you can determine if your neighborhood is already registered and obtain the form to register it. The form can be completed online, but you can no longer directly submit it from this site. You can either print it or save it and send it in as an attachment to an e-mail. At the top of the form page, you'll find a block labeled instructions. This will provide you with the addresses both postal and e-mail and tell you any other items to include with the registration.
Prior to concluding the meeting, the membership received an update on the new Senior Center from Ron Garza, Human Services Administrator with the Senior Services Department. The center will be located at 4135 Thousand Oaks. Although the rain presented a few delays, it is expected to be completed sometime in October, 2015 with the grand opening to be held in November, 2015. The center will have 28,000 square feet and be open to residents age 60 and over. It can serve up to 300 meals a day. Ron also provided a handout detailing some of the equipment, classes and activities that will be available at the center.
Prior to adjourning our meeting, President John Clamp had a few announcements. The next meeting will be on Monday, September 21st.  He also mentioned that the NNA funds have been shrinking and asked individuals and associations to  consider making a donation to the NNA. These can be sent to our Treasurer, Ron Van Kirk at 2696 Pebble Dawn, San Antonio, 78232. Checks should be made out to the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance. Prior to leaving the meeting several donations were given to the NNA. Members were also requested to pick up an Issues and Concerns form to tell the Board about items for future discussions, etc. These can also be e-mailed to Colletta at:
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

Minutes from May 18, 2015
The meeting was opened by President John Clamp with an explanation why the Mayoral Forum that was originally scheduled for this date could  not be held. The next order of business was the presentation of this  month's Beautification Award.  Chairman Gus Weiters presented the award to Billy Hill of Hill Electric at 9999 Perrin Beitel. Gus then asked the members if they thought that a prior awardee could receive the award again if they enhanced their property beyond the appearance at the time of the previous award. The membership thought that this was an appropriate idea and approved it. 

The main topic for this evening's meeting was scheduled as a City Council update from District 10 and District 2. Unfortunately, Councilman Warrick was detained with family business. The City Council update was provided by Councilman Gallagher. Councilman Warrick is invited to our next meeting to update us on the major initiatives in District 2. 

Councilman Gallagher began by thanking the membership for electing him  earlier this month. He received almost 82% of the vote in the district. In addition, District 10 voters represented over 10% of the votes cast in the  city elections. Mike gave a brief rundown of the winning voting percentages for each of the propositions and amendments to the City Charter that were also on the ballot. He reminded the membership that they still had another vote to cast in the mayoral runoff election. Election Day is Saturday, June 13th while early voting will run from June 1st through June 9th.

There were several announcements about upcoming events. The 2016 budget process will soon be starting. Councilman Gallagher reminded members to go to the meetings. He also said that the budget people are willing to go to Neighborhood Associations. Members were reminded to register for National Night Out by calling Linda at 207-8927. There will be an opportunity to obtain free material for this celebration on June 6th. District 10 has vacant spots on various Boards and Commissions. Anyone interested in any of these positions should contact the Council office. There will be a Community Fitness Walk at Comanche Park on June 27th. Further details will be coming regarding this event. 

Enhancement groups for businesses in the Northeast Corridor Revitalization Project have started. Merchants can receive up to 50% reimbursement for upgrades to their facades, signage and landscapes. The Bulverde Road (and Classen Road) realignment project is still on schedule despite all the recent rain. In addition, the Wurzbach Parkway will finally be complete and open this year. Councilman Gallagher also passed out cards regarding SA Tomorrow. He urges all members to go to the web site to provide their input by taking the survey at:  

Naomi Miller from Speaker Strauss's district office gave a brief update on the latest legislative activity. A member reported that his association had Tax Assessor Albert Uresti to a meeting. He said that his group was provided with information on how to appeal their appraisal and other information regarding vehicle registration. He suggested that other members might want to schedule the assessor's office for a meeting. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

​​Minutes from March 16, 2015
Tonight's meeting was a candidate forum for the offices of Mayor of the City of San Antonio and District 10 Council representative. Following a meet and greet period, President Clamp opened the  meeting at 7 PM. The two candidates for District 10, Councilman Mike Gallagher and Celeste Montez-Tidwell, were each allowed to speak for three minutes. The remainder of the meeting was devoted to the mayoral candidates. John Clamp asked that any candidates involved in a runoff election return to the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance meeting on May 18, 2015 for another candidate forum.

Since the Northeast Service Center where our meeting was held is a city facility, the City Attorney informed the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance that we must invite all 14 candidates for the  office of mayor. Invitations were extended to all applicants, but only 10 mayoral hopefuls attended the forum. These were: Tommy Adkisson, Mayor Ivy Taylor, Leticia Van de Putte, Mike Villarreal, Cynthia Brehm, Paul Martinez, Gerald Ponce, Pogo Mochello Reese, Rhett Rosenquist Smith, and Raymond Zavala.

The candidates drew numbers upon entering the building to determine the initial order of speaking. Following opening statements, the lead speaker rotated among the candidates. Each applicant for the office was given a one-minute period during which they could state their reasons for running and their qualifications. A question and answer session followed the initial remarks. Every candidate was given the opportunity to respond to all the questions. Some questions had a one-minute or 30 second allowed response time. Other questions required only a "Yes" or "No" reply. After the question period, each mayoral hopeful had one minute to make a closing statement. 

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

Minutes from January 26, 2015
The meeting was called to order by President John Clamp. The first order of business was the presentation of the Beautification Award. This month’s winner was Your Storage Place at 9423 Perrin Beitel.

Next on the agenda was the election of a Secretary and Vice President for the next two years. Steve Spear, the current Vice President, declined to run again. The floor was open to nominations. Two names were put forth and seconded. They were Carlton Soules and Connie Marszalek. Paper ballots had been previously passed out to each member neighborhood. Following the tallying of ballots, Carlton Soules was declared the winner. The only name put forth for Secretary was Colletta Galloway. As there was no other candidate, she was elected by acclimation.

The main topic for this evenings meeting was a presentation regarding the elements of design and the financing plans for the Hemisfair Park area. This was presented by Drew Hicks, Communications Manager, for the Hemisfair Park Redevelopment Corporation and Anne Krause, Director, of the Hemisfair Conservancy. 

Mr. Hicks stated that over the years there have been 12 different master plans presented for the redevelopment of the 6.7 acre site, but the current plan is the first one to get funded. The site is being divided into three distinct areas. Yanaguana Gardens, the most active area, will open in May, 2015. This will be a play and recreation area. Civic Park will be a big open area suited for large gatherings and celebrations. This will be situated partly on the site of the oldest part of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center that will be demolished. The opening of this space will allow the 1968 mural on the Convention Center wall to be seen easily. There will be a water channel that feeds through the park and feeds the fountains. Recycled water which will be captured and treated on site will be used for this channel. The third section to be open in 2020 will be Tower Park. This is designated as a quiet area.

There are 24 historic structures in the park area that will be remodeled and rented for public uses such as restaurants and shops.  Connectivity to the park and surrounding areas will be returned by restoring roads that were lost when the Hemisfair area was originally developed. These are Labor St., Water St. and East Nueva St. (historic Goliad St.).

Currently, the funding for the park comes from the 2012 bond issue and the hotel occupancy tax. The leases of the properties in the park will also provide revenue. It is expected that by 2020 the revenue needed for Hemisfair Park will be self-sustaining. The Hemisfair Conservancy is a 501(c) 3 that will build and sustain the park. There will be a Capitol Campaign to raise money. The City Council has approved a major donor recognition policy. Donors can get their names on parts of the park. These opportunities will be 70% of the cost of the area and last for 25 years. No large logos or fonts will be allowed.

Councilman Mike Gallagher spoke briefly about the upcoming city election. He will be running for the Councilman position that he currently holds. Also, included on the May 9th ballot will be a renewal of the sales tax that goes toward the Edwards Aquifer protection. In addition, changes to the City Charter will be included on the ballot. The exact changes to the Charter are still pending as the Committee continues to determine this issue. Among the issues for change currently under discussion are: citizen approval for street cars; a change in how the mayor is selected when there is a vacancy; Council pay; and a cleanup of old items in the Charter that are no longer relevant. The Northeast Revitalization Corridor is progressing. There is now an Ambassador program where business owners talk to other business owners about the project. The Councilman expects the police and Fire Departments to return to the negotiating table soon.

Former County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson was recognized at the meeting. He was allowed to speak for one minute.

Colletta Galloway gave a report about the Mission Center that will come to the revitalization area within the next year. This is a project of Northern Hills United Methodist Church. The center will be located at 4306 Naco Pass. This is an expansion of the mission work already under way at the 1604 location. The mission of the project is spiritual, emotional and physical. The members want to make a difference in their own backyard and not just across the country or the world. This site was selected because over 1600 people pass this area on buses each day. The church hopes to partner with others to bring services to those who need it and cannot reach the 1604 site. Among the partners being considered are: the San Antonio Food Bank; the Texas Diaper Bank; Methodist Health Care; and others that appear appropriate. Interest in expanding to this area came about partly when NEISD asked the church to expand their English as a second language program to several schools and start a reading buddy program for another school. Other elementary schools continue to ask for this service. The availability of transportation at the site would also allow the Special Needs Adult
Ministry and the New Life Deaf Church to grow.

There being no further business, President Clamp closed the meeting with a reminder of the dates for the 2015 meetings. These are March 16th, May 18th, July 20th, September 21st and November 16th. The March meeting is a Candidate’s Forum for the Mayor’s race. Leticia Van de Putte, Mike Villarreal and Tommy Adkission have committed to attend. John told members to tell their friends and neighbors about the Forum and invite them to attend. He also reminded District 10 members that Councilman Gallagher has a district meeting scheduled on Monday, February 23rd at 7 PM at the Tool Yard.

 Respectfully submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

Minutes from November 17, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President John Clamp at 7 PM. The first order of business was the presentation of the Beautification Award. This was given to the Corner Store # 1052 located at the intersection of Judson road and Loop 1604. The manager of the store was present to receive the award. John advised members that at the January meeting an election would be held for the offices of Vice President and Secretary. These are two year terms of office. He invited an interested member to consider running for either position. The meeting dates for next year were announced as: January 26th; March 16th; May 18th; September 21st; and November 16th. Councilman Mike Gallagher gave a brief update on District 10 and city issues.  Upcoming issues for City Council will be annexation discussions and resolution of the Uber and Lift issues. He stated that there would be a special session of City Council the next day to decide on budget cuts needed due to the inability to reach a new contract with the Fire and Police associations. Rachelle Bell from District 2 reminded members that District 2 has a runoff election for City Council on December 9th. Early voting will take place from December 1st through the 5th. Councilman Toney said that District 2 is facing some challenges due to an increase in violence in the district. He plans to have discussions with Chief McManus on how to deal with this issue. Next on the agenda was a presentation from the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (ARMA). John Clamp chairs this group and has been appointed through February, 2016. Renee Green, the ARMA Chief Engineer, was present to tell the membership about current plans for our area. Parts of Loop 1604 in western Bexar County will be improved to be a freeway. This will ease current congestion and help with all the growth projected for this area. They are also considering adding an elevated section to I-35 going north from the AT & T Parkway. In 2016 work will begin to improve US Highway 281 north of Loop 1604. This project is expected to take four years to complete. The ARMA was tasked with finding a 30 year solution to the traffic situation from Loop 1604 north to just past Borgfeld Road. The solution incorporates safety for the Edwards Aquifer which is under the entire route, adding the connector ramps at Loop 1604 and Highway 281 and additional lanes on an eight mile stretch of Highway 281 north of Loop 1604. Plans call for the addition of free lanes and other lanes that require a fee. From Loop 1604 to Stone Oak Parkway the current free lanes along with traffic signals will remain. Four additional lanes with no fees and no traffic signals will be added here. In addition, there will be two managed lanes which require a fee in this area. North of Stone Oak Parkway the current free lanes will remain. Four to six managed lanes which require a fee will be added. Initially, there might only be four added, but it will be planned with room for two more managed lanes. The fee rate is not yet established, but they plan to make the payment tags compatible with others in the state. A special ramp will be built for the VIA Park and Ride facility to be built at Highway 281 and Stone Oak Parkway. There will also be sound barriers available for adjacent neighborhoods. The total cost of the project is 458 million dollars. The funds will come from: the Advanced Transportation District; the City of San Antonio; the State of Texas Proposition 12 bonds; federal highway category 2 funds; and an ARMA bank loan. The loan will be paid by using 100% of the revenue from the managed lanes. The final presentation of the evening featured information on CRIT Teleton. Ricardo Guzman the CEO of Crit USA spoke to the members about the facility which opened on November 10, 2014. It is located next to Morgan’s Wonderland. It is a not for profit outpatient rehabilitation facility for children. They use a holistic approach to the patient and family. This facility will begin by dealing with neuromusculoskeletal disorders. The company started in Mexico and has multiple treatment centers there for many types of disorders. They started raising funds by working with Univision over the past two years. They expect to treat 600 families a year at this location. The families will be coming from all over the United States. They will be utilizing Ronald McDonald house for the families and working with Morgan’s Wonderland. Prior to adjournment, Grace Garcia who is on the Board of Directors at Steeplechase Condos on Perrin Beitel asked to speak with members regarding an idea that she has for the area. Grace would like to turn a vacant space near the Bill Miller’s on Perrin Beitel into a Farmer’s Market. She hopes to get farmers from different areas and have the market open on Mondays through Saturday. She asked if the members would be interested in this idea and if they would support it. The membership showed great enthusiasm for the idea. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

Minutes from September 15, 2014

The meeting was opened by President John Clamp at 7 PM. The first order of business was the presentation of this month's Beautification Award. Gus Wieters, chairperson of the Beautification Committee, presented the award to the Arcadia Apartment Homes on Thousand Oaks. This was followed by a brief update on the Northeast Senior Center given by Yolanda Perez. Ground breaking for the center is scheduled on Tuesday, September 23rd at 10:30 AM. The address for the center is 4135 Thousand Oaks. The ceremony will be held north of Thousand Oaks on Scarsdale.

Prior to the main event of the evening, an update from City Council Districts 2 and 10 was presented. Rachelle Bell from the District 2 staff stated that they are currently without a district office. They had to vacate the prior location as it was now owned by a city employee and city ordinances prohibit this type of rental agreement. She stated that they are currently looking for a new site. District 2 is planning a Town Hall meeting on September 27th at Davis Middle School. The meeting runs from 9AM to 11AM, but breakfast will be available at 8:30 AM. District 2 has a new Council representative who was appointed by the City Council. This position will be on the November ballot. The current councilman is Keith A. Toney. Due to a conflict Councilman Toney could not be present for the beginning of the meeting, but arrived later.

Councilman Gallagher from District 10 stated that he is pushing for major league soccer to come to San Antonio. He is supporting the Vista Ridge Project from SAWS that would bring a new source of water to San Antonio. He is asking the City Council to support an ordinance that would prohibit the use of any handheld device while driving. He stated that Chief McManus wants to give tickets to  people who give money to panhandlers at intersections. He asked members to provide him with their input on this issue. Councilman Gallagher spoke briefly about the items that are likely to be headed to the ballot to change the City Charter. The following items appear to be headed for change: City Council pay; independence of the city Ethics Officer; voter approval of major projects; and changes to the mayoral selection process when the position becomes vacant prior to an election.

John Clamp reminded members of the Senior Center ground breaking on September 23rd. He announced the next meeting of the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance would be on Monday, November 17th and that District 10 would be holding a meeting on October 13th.

The main event for this meeting was the Candidate's Forum for Bexar County Judge. Nelson Wolff and Carlton Soules were each given three minutes to make a statement with Judge Wolff going first. The candidates were then asked questions previously submitted by the members of the Alliance. The floor was then opened to questions. Following this period, each candidate was allowed two minutes for closing remarks.

Other candidates for political office on the ballot in the audience were then given a chance to introduce themselves and state what position they were seeking in November. Among the candidates present there were 10 people seeking the position of judge, a candidate for Bexar County Clerk and a candidate for the Board of the Edwards Aquifer Authority. In addition, there were representatives for County Commissioner Precinct 4 and District Attorney.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.  There were 116 members and guests at the meeting. 

Respectfully submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary

Minutes From Monday, July 21, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President John Clamp at 7:01 PM. The first order of business was the presentation of this month's Beautification Award. Chairman Gus Weiters came forward to present the award to Bush's Chicken at 13603 Nacogdoches. John announced that Danielle Cunningham has agreed to maintain our web page.

After many attempts and full agendas this past year, the amending of the By-laws was the next item to be discussed. Colletta Galloway came forward to read the current section of Article X, paragraph 1. She explained that the change was only an additional sentence added to it. Given recent experiences with appointments by the City Council to vacant positions on the City Council, the wording was clarified to indicate that the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance could take a position on appointments to nonpartisan positions. The second amendment was one to completely delete Article XI, Section 1. This section dealt with collecting dues and actions when members were in arrears. The new section reflects the fact that the Alliance does not collect dues, but rather, accepts contributions from its member organizations. It also included a process to be used if dues should ever be needed to support the Alliance. Both amendments were approved by acclimation. Colletta said that she would be changing the By-laws to reflect the amendments. The amended By-laws will be sent to the member organizations.
Michael Taylor, the project manager, from the Northeast Corridor Revitilization Initiative covering Perrin Beitel and part of Nacogdoches Road gave a brief update on this project. It is a multiyear initiative approved by City Council on June 26, 2014. He will be focusing on organization, business development and design and appearance of the streets. He stated that they have launched a beautification campaign. A recent breakfast held for business owners/managers in the area saw an attendance of over 40 people. New businesses for the area are being recruited. He mentioned some recent additions and those already planning to move to the streets. Over the last 2 years there has been 21 million dollars in new business investment. Additional information can be found on the web site: 

Councilwoman Ivy Taylor from District 2 addressed the meeting briefly. She stated that the Rittiman Road project was finished, but that it took way too long. John James Park which was closed during construction should be opening by the end of the month. She is expecting to meet with the City Manager to get an update on the Budget that will be proposed to the council. In all the pre-budget workshops she said the big issues was more money for streets. Councilman Mike Gallagher from District 10 also spoke with the membership. He spoke about the mayoral selection process which would occur the following day stating that he wanted whoever is selected to back a vote on the streetcar project. In the budget talks he stated that the top priority should go to infrastructure with the second priority going to public safety. He announced the addition of two new staff members for District 10. These are Paul Jiminez and Lauren Sides. Lauren will deal with communication.

VIA Metropolitan Transit was invited to speak about the streetcar project. Representing VIA was former Congressman Charlie Gonzalez, Brian Buchanan and Tony Luna. VIA was established in 1977 and is funded by fares and local sales taxes. In 2009 they began long range transit talks. A high capacity transit plan was adopted by the Board in 2011. They are currently working on six smart move transit projects in different areas of the city. One of these is the streetcar project. Their plans are based on a projected growth of one million new people in Bexar County by 2040. They stated that no new taxes would be needed to fund the streetcar project as it would be funded by VIA, TXDOT, the City of San Antonio and federal transit money. Various maps were shown to illustrate the location of all the smart move projects. The floor was then open for a question period. The audience readily showed their disagreement with a streetcar project giving reasons why they thought that it was going backwards and a waste of transportation money. Former Councilman Soules asked everyone in the audience who opposed streetcars to raise their hands. Almost everyone in the room of almost 100 people did so.

As there was no further business, President John Clamp adjourned the meeting at 8:03 PM.
Respectively submitted,
Colletta A. Galloway, Secretary